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  • Our specialty is taking cardboard boxes of memorabilia and using them to create a beautiful book
  • We can scan your old documents and restore photos where needed
  • Your finished book can be hardcover or softcover
  • We can print books in small quantities—no need to produce thousands of copies

Examples of work:



General Patton’s Typical Solider

General George S. Patton was a legendary WWII commander. He was personally brave and he admired courage and bravery from those whom he commanded.

Known to his troops as “Old Blood and Guts,” his pre-battle briefings were an inspiration to his troops. Coming away after hearing his address at the commencement of the Lorraine Campaign, one soldier remarked “…and by the time he finished, I was ready to march to Berlin.” We can only wonder, what was it like to be a soldier serving under such a general?

Thomas (Wally) Clarke of Spring Garden Township, PA, was a machine gun sergeant in Patton’s Third Army and his book, George S. Patton’s Typical Soldier, provides a rare insight into the experiences of the everyday soldier during several of the major battles of WWII.

A unique feature of Clarke’s book is the blending of the entries in his daily sergeant’s diary with the letters that he wrote home almost daily to his family—all of which were kept by his mother.

Another feature of the book is the record of an interview with a German commander, giving his account of one of the major battles from the enemy perspective as a defender against the Allied attack. On Christmas Eve, 1944, he wrote to his mother from a hopital:

“…I am at the Red Cross now writing this letter. It is all decorated up with icicles, wreaths, streamers and a Christmas tree complete with light bulbs. They are also giving out gum, life savers, candy and other stuff without any rationing at all…

“The war news isn’t very good right now but let’s pray that things will turn about for us. This war is still far from over and we need all the courage we have to face facts and realize that. My faith and trust is in the Lord and I know that He will watch over us all.

“On the 26th of December, all walking wounded were given a Purple Heart medal, loaded on trucks and sent back to combat. The book includes many previously unpublished photos and numerous maps. It includes a large foldout showing his platoon’s movements during that day’s battle that Sgt Clarke drew on the day that he was wounded in the Battle of Sarre-Union, France.”


WWII Scrapbook Notes

“When you are 17 and a high school senior you are not thinking that the next three years may border on traumatic. At least that was not what I was thinking.

“For me, the war became a lot more immediate when my “GREETINGS” showed up in the mail only days after my eighteenth birthday.

“I am grateful to my mother who kept all of my letters from two years of training in the South, six months of combat in Normandy, Brittany and the Ardennes and another six months as a POW in Germany. They, along with the many notes on scraps of any paper I could find, described events as they happened — not interpreted later through the somewhat foggy lens of recollection.

“And that’s what this book is all about. It’s not a history of World War II, it’s just a SCRAPBOOK of my own experiences and memories of those three years.”

In September 2013, former Sgt Thompson visited France and Belgium. The WWII Scrapbook includes a photo of him standing beside the 2nd Infantry Division Memorial at Brest, scenes of Utah Beach where he landed 60 years ago and other memorable locations where he saw action in WWII.